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Elder Ruth Pugh

Elder Ruth Pugh



Coming September 5th -7th 


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Registration Opens May 25th

 “You Are My Sister” is committed to serve women of all nationalities.  

We have been called to reach across all cultural, social, denominational and physical boundaries.  Our goal is to inspire, teach and challenge all women to reach their highest potential in Christ. We are dedicated to encouraging harmony amongst women and supporting them as they become what GOD designed them to be.

“You Are My Sister” will not limit this Kingdom experience with God based on a comfortable cultural experience. Because the cultures of mankind will often divide, we embrace the Kingdom mindset that was established through Jesus Christ to bring mankind together.

You Are My Sister

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A Journey of Divine Connections Book

A Journey of Divine Connections 

When God's Plan is BIGGER Than Yours 

In this book, Elder Ruth Pugh, evangelist and former senior pastor, unfolds her journey through life and ministry.

The story blossoms beautifully, but has its unexpected twists and turns. Have you ever felt lost, filled with grief, sadness or questioning what step you should take next? 

Order now in paperback or on Kindle!

The Book

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